Tuesday, December 29, 2009

*the gross toilet theory*

to fall in love and be in a relationship is to eat something u love
that it satisfies your hunger the moment u taste it,
keeps u full,
provides the nutrients u need,
and it makes u really happy especially when it is the food that u have been longing for.
as the relationship grows older and u get to know your lover better,
knowing about his/her imperfections,
realising that he/she is not flawless from within,
so different from the kind of person he/she portrays.
the same goes for the favourite food u have eaten,
it will be broken into smaller particles in order to allow better absorption,
and everyone knows that these half-way digested food is no longer look as nice as it is before u eat it.
to suffer in a relationship where arguements are common is like having a diarrhea.
it's extreme painful and hard to get rid of.
when you feel so unhappy in your relationship,it is hard to fake a smile although you are in the middle of partying and you might not going to party at all,
you can hardly carve a smile too when u r having diarrhea.
the only choice left : go toilet and release to let it go~
and that's why couples tend to break up and let him/her go~
but the word 'diarrhea' suggest that you need to go to toilet few times,
just like the relationship,struggling hard before really break up.
and then,the moment you realise that you no longer miss him/her or love him/her
is exactly the same feeling when u realise that the diarrhea has stopped.
what you will be feeling next?
no burden?
more relaxing?
or 'arh...finally~' ?
although falling in love and breaking up is a painful process
but people keep trying it
although eating and defaecation is a painful process
but people keep trying it
the reason is simple
we eat to live,
we live to love,
no matter how painful it is in the end.

Monday, December 28, 2009

elephant or elefan?

liang yew,chiew bee,chun kit n shu ying in liang yew' s car..
CK : bla bla bla (showing off his excellent english)
CB : my BM is getting poor nowadays..haih~
SY : won't be worse than mine..I cant even recall how to spell ELEPHANT in malay language...
LYO & CB : it's GAJAH larrrrr!
SY : (speechless for few secs) oh ya..no wonder i cant spell elephant in BM!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

someone i have forgotten

having too much free time in the room,grabbed one of the diaries of mine and started reading it
2002,the year when i entered smc for my form one
i nvr realised it is true when ppl told me u gonna laugh at ur own diary when u look back at it after years
as i flick through the pages,i burst into laughter when i read the page where i wrote 'i am crying because bla bla bla..'
it supposed to be fun,and i supposed to keep laughing at the little 'me'.
it is
before i realised,a tear was streaming down my cheek
although the little 'me' was kinda silly and almost stupid,she looked at things in a positive way.
in every page,before she ended with 'good nite',she wrote something to cheer herself up even when she feel the entire world despised her.
and she looked into future brightfully,had her own goals and worked real hard for them.
today,the little 'me' has grown up into the now 'me'
(grown up doesnt mean being more mature,growth has nth to do with maturity =p )
that teardrop and the feelings i am feeling,it's hard to explain.
(it's like u cannot explain the feelings of making love to someone who is a virgin)
p/s: nah,just a dirty example.no offense to anyone who read this
but my whole feelings can be summarized into something like
as i grow up and as things get complicated,i have forgotten the cheerful little gal that was once in my soul who thinks this world is beautiful.
i just gonna work out how to reactivate that little 'me'.

yes,this world is indeed very beautiful.
it just depends on how u look at it.
till then,may everyone be bless with happiness and stay healthy.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

blame the nature~ natural selection

natural selection is defined as a mechanism to drive the evolution of life on this planet because nature selects the best qualities so that it can be passed down to the next generation,bla bla bla...SIEN.this is the lesson where i found quite alot of the students were daydreaming n some even having fun in their dreamland. X.X
but well,the case is different for me. Because i found the best explanation for the common phenomena that occur in our daily life,or maybe i am thinking too much AGAIN.
when i mix among my guy frens,they usually treat me as transparent or as their another BUDDY,so,kinda often i hear them saying how much they adore gals with big boobs *ahem*,pretty face,etc...Nah,lazy to list out the requirements they want.all can be summarized into SEXY and PRETTY.
as for gals,u gonna hear something like tall,macho,muscular,bla~ biasa la tu~
now,trust me,when someone tell u that he doesnt care about outer look but internal beauty,all u need to do is to stand up n walk away.really gonna trust me,they are usually telling lies.fakers.
even if guys really go for sexy pretty gals,NEVER blame them. they are so right about it!
asking me y? confused? hahaha.
actually,natural selection does not only apply its effect on plants and animals,but on us,humans too.
so,it's common and legal for guys n gals to look out for the hotties in order to prevent the good qualites from extinction,i meant genes extinction~ X0X0
Nah,i didnt say tat those who are less fortunate should go bang their head on the wall n die straight away because i did say before there is no ugly ppl in this world n it was well written in cbee's blog after our conversation.not going to mention it in my blog.
p/s: saja making so fun out of the stupid boring biology lessons.dont mean anything bad~