Sunday, May 20, 2012

price and worth

price and worth of every single thing means differently to everyone....
something which is cheap and worthless to others may be very precious in your eyes...

for example, some people may collect a Hello Kitty toy worth $1000 as it is a limited edition...for someone who doesn't like toy/ Hello Kitty will get a shock looking at the price thinking that no one will ever get it, but at the same time, there could buyers who are willing to even pay $2000 for that so-called $1000 thingy...

a girl rushing for an important job interview may  buy a coat worth double than its usual price, but if it makes her looks confident in the interview and helps her to secure the dream job, it definitely worth it..isn't it?

sometimes, you may feel that a handmade birthday wish card is more precious than a channel bag...while at the same time,some people will prefer that channel bag rather than the card...(different preferences in terms of price and worth for everyone)

it doesn't apply to just material things...actions could apply the 'price and worth' theory too...

some people who have above average outer look went for cosmetic surgeries to look even better...
but they have to pay expensive surgery fees, bear the risk of failed surgery and the pain experienced by the physical body...

others start judging and commenting on it...

they may not understand the reasons behind it...does it worth all that? some people asked...

but most of the time, if the person thinks it's worth it, who are us to even question the price and worth of her/his decision?

an old lady who has retired from her job and supposed to enjoy her life, yet sometimes she chose to contribute the rest of the years taking care of her grandchildren although they are naughty, her children are willing to hire another baby sitter and she is weak due to old age..

sometimes, she just find it worthy to spend her time with the little ones...though she will have backache chasing after those little hybrid of angels (who are also devils)...

people sometimes could be stubborn, as they do not listen to others who advised it is not worthy for that price of a thing or an action

little that 'others' know, it is because they have a scale in their heart, who finds the things they buy or do, worthy of the price they have to pay...

sometimes, you know it is worthy, it carved a smile on your lips...

Shu Ying

Sunday, May 6, 2012

sometimes I love to pretend to be

my eyes make up looks simple
but it wasn't...
not unless you are pro in make up..

here are what I did to my face..

1. apply UV block lotion SPF 30
2. facial make up base
3. foundation SPF 30
4. eye primer
5. eye brow coffee color pencil
6. bottom eye concealer
7.dark purple eye shadow
8.dark brown eye shadow 
9. black color pencil eye liner
10. black color liquid eye liner
11. eye lashes curler
12. black color mascara
13. fake eye lashes only at the outer corner of my eyes
14. second round of liquid eye liner
15. blusher
16. bronzer

and all these should be done within ..
10 minutes maximum..
steps I skipped: facial foundation power, bottom lashes, lipstick, highligher, etc

and I have fun last night enjoying Vietnamese food in my girl friend's birthday dinner with the girls ^^

and the next girls night out, I will be trying Tiffany's eye makeup in Twinkle's mtv...

and if you are wondering who is Tiffany and how awesome is her eye makeup
check this out!

me love red,

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Theory = you know everything but nothing works
Practice = everything works but no one knows why
 Therefore, in life, we should combine both the theory and practice together
 and draw a conclusion...

nothing works and no one knows why!

Sometimes, in love and in life, we tend to take things for granted....just like what we can observe in a football match...

in the match,
everyone is chasing after the ball....

but one when got it, he kicks it...

although others are still chasing after it,

the person who got it, refuse to give others and continue to kick it...

life goes on,
shu ying