Tuesday, November 22, 2011

date: 12.08.2005 , an essay I wrote when I was 16. A missed opportunity.

As a promise to my former English teacher back in high school, I kept my essay book and read it again after several years have passed...and there is an essay where I got 50 out of 50...

Here it goes..

Claudia and I stood beside our coffins, waiting for the sun. Waiting for it to burn us to ashes. We were motionless and so still that we could have been made of stone. Death was nothing to us but only death could bring us out from our miserable life. Life in death and life that required us to feed on warm fresh blood almost every night.
We were not born to be vampires. We were mortals and human beings until we met him, Jack. He was the one who gave us the two immortal holes on our throat. We were his victims.
I owned a big plantation in ancient Rome. I had a happy family and we often spent our time together. However, our happiness had come to an end when a plague occurred in the town and I was the only one survived from it. Nobody could understand my feelings. I was surrounded by the rotting bodies, everywhere in my hometown. The foul smell made me sick. The stench drove me mad.

Then, Jack came to me and told me that I would never face death if I obeyed him. And so I did because I did not want to die like the others. I remembered he sank his fangs into my throat slowly and sucked most of my blood. Then, he slitted his wrist and asked me to drink from the flowing blood. This was how he turned me into a vampire. Well, he did the same thing to Claudia too after he did that to me. Both Claudia and I were his slaves. Every night, Jack taught Claudia and I how to hunt and kill. To him, hunting, killing and finally drinking the victims' blood was a game. Sometimes, he would even kill two or three women even though one woman was enough to make him full. After seventy years living together with him, watched him kill every night just for fun, Claudia and I could not bear him anymore. But, we still clung to him because we wanted to know about other vampires that might exist in this world and where vampires including us were originated from. No matter how many times we asked, Jack never ever wanted to tell us. He told us that there was no other vampire in this world except us. He lied, we knew. There must be a vampire who actually made him a vampire. We wanted to be free from him because after we were freed, then only we could go to anywhere and every part of the world to search for our own kind. Claudia and I knew that Jack would never let us leave him since he was afraid of loneliness. Claudia then told me that she got an idea to be free from him forever. I still remember that night where the shy moon hid herself behind the dark clouds. The air was so refreshing and cooling and I predicted that it might rain. Claudia came home after her hunt, brought along two young boys with her.

'Where is Jack, Louis?', she asked me as her eyes were fixed on the boys.
'He is playing the piano idly in his room. Why are you looking for him?', I asked her back. I was curious.
'Nothing big deal. I just brought back some food for him. Hope he'll like them', she said, pointing to the two innocent boys.
I knew something was wrong because she hated Jack very much and it was impossible that she would hunt for him. My judgement proved correct. She killed Jack even though Jack was a powerful vampire and an immortal. Do you know the way? She poisoned the boys before Jack fed on them.

After Jack died, Claudia and I searched everywhere in his room including his coffin, hoping that we might find some clues of where he came from. Well, we found no clue. Therefore, we decided to go to the central of Europe. Claudia told me that we might find some of our own kind there. After some hard searching, we finally found them, vampires. Just like Claudia and I, they did feed on blood every night but wait, there was something different between them and us. Their huge eyes bulged out from their naked sockets and two small, hideous holes made up their noses. My hair stood on end when I noticed that only a leathery flesh enclosed their skulls and their clothes were rotting, thick with earth and slime with blood. And then, I realized that they were nothing but mindless corpses or living dead who fed on blood. I did not know what caused the differences between them and us. Maybe Jack knew nothing about that. But everything was too late now because Jack was dead. We did not have the opportunity to ask him anything, anymore. Claudia and I were lost in minds, not knowing where should we go and where we belonged. And that was why Claudia and I were waiting for the sunrise, waiting for the death to come and waiting for the end of our life.