Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 New Year Resolutions!

It's a new year again,2013, and this is a special year to me.

Why? Because I have finally graduated from my degree and now I'm a mature working lady with stable income....

Finally I can support and feed's not as scary and hard as I previously thought it would be...

honestly, when I was about to graduate, I was undergoing some mild kind of depressions...

What if my income is not enough for me?

What if I need to starve and see negative balance in my bank account?

What if I gonna to travel for hours and stuck in horrific traffic jam like other working adults?


but it seems like I am still the blur blur lucky girl...

after a month plus of job searching, I was being employed, by a company of my choice, where my working place is only 3 to 5 minutes walking distance from my home....(sounds so good to wake up at 7.30 am when my working hour starts at 8.30 am). LOL!

Most importantly, my salary is somehow enough support me and my shopaholic nature....HAHAHAH!

and therefore, I hope to foresee a happy year ahead for 2013...but a life without goals isn't interesting at all...

there comes the importance of having new year resolutions!


(1) I wanna travel to at least one foreign country in every year,be it only to Singapore or to Europe.

Actually I wish to go to Tibet, Mongolia, Turkey,etc...Not sure if next life do exist, I could be just live once.

(2) Be a happy go lucky person who smiles every single day, even when trouble comes in double.

(3) Be a better person to people around me, family and friends. 

(4) Collect more shoes, bags, accessories and clothes. I'm a girl who suffer from shopaholic disorders. Forgive me.

Does 30 pairs of shoes sounds a lot? Hang on, I'm almost there!

(5) Save more money in my account. Like a squirrel keeping nuts for the winter. 

You won't know when you need a huge amount of money for emergency purposes.

If I have some amount of money in my account, I can even be an Ah-Long (loan shark)...that would be my part time job then~

(6) Reduce my weight and maintain it....

The weighing machine shows a higher reading nowadays but everyone said I look just the same.

People and weighing machine can lie, but one thing never short jeans pants...

The fact that I cannot zip and button my short jeans anymore even though I just bought them less than half a year ago, sends an alarming warning to me.

Beware or Be sorry...

(7) Keep thinking of new resolutions. LOL

Guess that's all I can think of for now....

Hope everyone can have a great year ahead! Let's celebrate 2013! Don't remind me of my aging... =(


Shu Ying