Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FIT is the new SKINNY

the desire of wanting to be toned and fit has led me into eating clean...

but eating clean isn't as scary or hard to follow as the myth...

it can be quite fun, if you make an effort into varying your meals

black berries and pomegranate: perfect antioxidant and yummy delicious

cherries tomato,beef wrapped asparagus, cherry tomatoes, salad and strawberry yogurt

this is a super simple one and cheap to make: potato, chicken fillet, dragon fruit and broccoli 

super raw combination: fresh orange juice with no added sugar, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and plum

meals preparation for lazy girl like me =P 

potato, broccoli and rosemary scented chicken fillet..

soya bean, egg, broccoli and  oyster sauce mushroom plus chicken fillet...

lovely watermelon, mixed berries and nuts with milk

lovely honeydew, raw almonds, energy bar and hot chocolate

my first parfait making ever =)

mixed berries natural yogurt with nuts, dried berries, avacado (wonder why did I put it in. LOL), pomegranate, dragon fruit and strawberries 

milk with dragon fruit ice cubes, grilled avacado and chicken breast slices, mashed avacado with honey

turkey wrap *wink* 

my first time cooking salmon 

I wish to make more nice looking and yummy food in the future =D

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