Wednesday, July 27, 2011

mirror reflection

have you ever noticed that certain couples are actually quite alike in their looks and behaviour?

this is often what people call 'husband and wife look', direct translation from chinese words '夫妻相'.

after talking to my another friend who is also study psychology or maybe I think too much,I came to realize that there are two reasons behind it...

first possible reason is that people tends to find their partner who is resembling themselves in some kind of ways.
what do I meant by that? okay,let's assume that most of us grow up seeing ourselves quite often in the mirror
and thus,we are sort of fond of our own look subconsciously without us even knowing it.
so,when we meet someone who kinda looks or behaves like us or likes the things we like, we feel the sense of belongingness (it is good to have companionship) and we tend to fall for him/her.
all I shall say,the similiarity draws us together.

However,in some cases which holds the second possible reason, some couples who look or talk alike, were not quite identical in the beginning but they grow together in the relationship and as time passes, they become quite alike?

hmph, confused?

okay, see it this way, we humans grow up by observing and learning from others.
it is as simple as how we learn to walk or talk.
We listen, observe, pick up the ideas and we practice that behaviour repeatedly until we can do it properly.
So, what is has to do with couple looking alike??
Couple tends to pick up each other little habits bit by bit over the time (if you ever noticed), suggesting the 'mirror reflection' theory. Not limiting to just habits, sometimes it could even be their look! For example, the way they smile? or that way their eyes look at people? their body language when they are interacting with others?

how about couples who do not seem similar at all? well, maybe their relationship is not long enough to see the changes in them? or maybe they are the exception, theories may not hold true for all situations... nyah nyah~

till then,take care to those who read my blog

specially thanks to bean,who allowed me to use her picture here~ hahaha