Thursday, January 2, 2014

no more slacking off !!

every now and then we often heard people saying they have been wasting the previous year and as they enter into a whole new year, they make new in and are eager to achieve them...

well, thank God I achieved the majority of my 2013 resolutions except for one where i am supposed to stay happy all the time, I guess it is impossible for one to be cheerfully happy 24/7.....there are matters in life that trouble us sometimes...

but it's's the effort of trying to stay happy that counts!

alright,so, what's your new year resolutions? 

let's not waste this year! 

in this 2014, I wish I....

(1) workout a lot and achieve that perfect lean and toned body (something new as compared to last 2013's resolutions)

and this is my starting point:

my 02.01.2014 abs

I have achieved my resolution no.6 in my 2013's resolutions where my weight has gone down from 52kg in December 2012 to now 47kg in January 2014 without me having to starve myself, I guess I was just too stressed in my workplace....

(2) second top resolution will of course be, Travel to more countries!!! 

oh well, who doesn't love travelling...but i wish i can tan myself on perfect sandy beaches, with a glass of martini on my left hand.....awwww

like this...

(3) spend more time with family and friends and my beloved one =P

simply because time waits for no one...don't wanna be late in expressing how I feel towards them...

(4) Earn more $$$$$

I've no choice, some of my resolutions need cash for them to be dreams come true.LOL

(5) be a Disney-minded person because fairy tales often ends in happily ever after~ except for Pocahontas I guess, she didn't get to be with her love in Pocahontas 1 and she 'one leg steps 2 boats' in Pocahontas 2...

=='' not all Disney stories ends well after all....LOL

(6) last but not least, embrace my Shopaholic genes ^-^

you know what it means, it simply means buying stuffs and taking them home and buying stuffs and taking them home and the cycle repeats... infinity....that's is why I said I need to earn well. =P

last advice to myself in the 2014?
if you don't like something, change it. if you can't change it, change your attitude. don't complain 

Shu Ying