Saturday, February 26, 2011

♥ DIY homemake green tea mask, toner and facial scrub ♥

yes, they are easy to make, sharing most of the to try and nice to use and mainly for acne/blemish skin.

ingredients that are needed: apple cider vinegar, green tea (can be obtained from real green tea leaves or green tea packet but not the ready-to-drink canned green tea), white sugar/salt, honey, olive oil, two empty glass bottles

making the green tea mask

1. add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into the bowl
2. add 2 teaspoons of green tea
(you can use the green tea packet to prepare the green tea, must sure it is lukewarm)
3. add 3 teaspoons of white sugar
4. stir the mixture to blend it completely
5. add 1 teaspoon of honey
6. add 2 more teaspoons of white sugar.
7. stir the mixture carefully again and it is ready to be use (leave it for about 10 minutes on the face and wash it off with cold water)

-you can keep up to 2 weeks within the glass bottle in the fridge
(use sugar if you have a dry skin, but replace it with salt if you have oily skin)

making the green tea toner

1. prepare an empty glass bottle
2. add in apple cider vinegar of about 1/3 of the bottle
(use lesser portion if you have sensitive skin)
3. add in green tea (prepared earlier for the mask) into the bottle for the remaining 2/3
4. add in 1 teaspoon of olive oil (you can substitute it with tea tree oil)
5. shake the mixture and it is ready to be use

-you can keep up to 2 weeks in the fridge
-use it at night as it smells bad, however I find it smells like SK-II (I used to call that smell as horse urine)

making the green tea facial scrub

1. add in 3 teaspoons of white sugar
2. add in 1 teaspoon of green tea
3. add in another ingredient of your choice (could be honey, Johnson's baby oil, olive oil,etc)
4. stir the mixture and leave it for about 2 minutes and it is ready to be use

- it has about 1 week of shelf life but personally, I would recommend use it once.

tried it,like it and love it ♥


Thursday, February 24, 2011

when you are single for too long....


when you are single for too long


you will feel 'lazy' to be in a relationship again


when you are single for too long


friends are becoming more and more important


when you are single for too long


listening to songs will become a major hobby to you


when you are single for too long


you will often forget to bring your cellphone along with you


when you are single for too long


it will develop into a weird habit


when you are single for too long


you will become more picky/choosy when it comes to love


when you are single for too long


besides feeling lonely sometimes


actually,it is kinda happy too


when you are single for too long


you will slowly start to get mature


when you are single for too long


you will love your parents even more that last time


and cherish your relationship with your family members


when you are single for too long


you don't really bother much about those special days of the year


when you are single for too long


seeing others who are in a sweet relationship with their lover


somehow,your heart feels disturbed


when you are single for too long


you will start to loving buying more shoes


so that they can bring you to faraway places


when you are single for too long


you will have so much freedom


when you are single for too long


love is becoming less important


and being replaced by money and career


when you are single for too long


you will become more rational


and down-to-earth


when you are single for too long


it is actually a blissful moment


although you will face some emptiness and loneliness


but walking on your own street


everything is no longer a matter to you


and there is nothing to control you


often many people will question


'why don't you kiss the single life goodbye?'




when you are single for too long


you will get addicted

*chinese version is not written by me*

cheers to those who are still single!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

the acne breakouts @ relationship breakups theory

breaking up with your partner is almost similar to having a sudden acne attack
the night before, you wouldn't sense any changes on your face, or any changes in your relationship
guess what?
the next day,early in the morning after u woke up,look into the mirror and GASPED! what the hell! acne!!??

the same goes to the relationship. the night before he/she said 'i love u so much' and the next day 'i don't love you anymore'...pathetic? some people told me,this is called LIFE. what a life.

so what's next? the pimple on your face is so painful. the itchy fingers of yours, wanting to squeeze it all the time,but you can't. simply because it is so painful and your subconscious mind knows, the more u squeeze,the more painful it is and it might spread out to the other parts after it breaks.

so what's next? having the thought of the reality that he/she is leaving your world, the helpless mind of yours wanting him/her back so badly. but i heard some people said before too, the more you wanna to patch back,the more he/she wanna leave you. deep in you,you know,your act will drives him/her further n further away and end up having no contacts.

so,you are stuck in this helpless state.the acne on your face.the broken relationship you cannot do a single thing to help it or prevent it from happening. you are just stuck.

everyone said time will wash everything away.time will heal the pain. both the breakouts n the breakups.

ya,i know too.time.time is all you need. after some time,the acne pain will recover and your broken heart will recover too.

leaving scars behind. what is the difference? huge difference. the scar on the face is not as deadly as the scar in the heart. sometimes the scars fade. sometimes the scars retain,but for most people,the scars retained to remind you,it is still exists.

alright,scars really a living proof that a wound has recovered? not really, i should might look fine on the surface, but underneath the scars, well, you might find it rotten flesh.

this is another comparison of love with something else.i hope i don't compare love with something gross,again,in the future.